Tools for Child Development

Behavior management, executive functioning, and
custom behavior charts all in one app.


Giant Leap

Behavior Management and Emotional Support Tools for Child Development

Giant Leap is a powerful learning tool for helping children and families manage behaviors, improve executive functioning, daily living skills, routine follow-through (at home and school), and understand and guide emotions through fun, personalized positive behavior support and exposure therapy tools.

The app is designed for children, supported by parents and/or teachers, to manage behaviors, strengthen independent skills, conquer fears (such as going to the doctor or school), and learn positive supports and emotional regulation techniques through customized charts and stories.

Key Features

Personalize the app

Create avatars to match the child’s appearance and
use them in exposure stories and charts.


Learn behavior and
routine skills

Choose a template or build charts from scratch with 90+
activities and icons. Update in real-time for points or print.

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Gradually expose users to situations that may cause
anxiety. Rewatch until they feel comfortable.